Friday, March 04, 2005

Blogging in Real Life

I will be speaking at BaltoLUG on Thursday, March 15. Originally I didn't want to do it; but this is a good public speaking opportunity and would look very nice on my resume. I may even give the speech a few more times and refine it afterwards.

I've been working on a paper for my presentation, from which I will be taking my major talking points. I will be distributing the paper at BaltoLUG in electronic form; limited paper copies will be available, most likely one circulating around for general consumption.

I'll try to get BaltoLUG to host the paper from the presentation, and possibly an OpenOffice Impress presentation of my talking points, after the talk. No promises, but I may be able to do some social engineering and convince them to host it; after all, it'd be interesting to have something to show for the content of past meetings.

Something interesting, but not confirmed yet, Brandon Hale, better known as tseng of Hardened Gentoo may attend the meeting. Hale will also be giving a talk at the CPLUG Security Conference about advanced memory protections in Linux using PaX and hardened toolchains. He will also be covering OpenWRT.

I won't be blogging much for a bit, though I may have something interesting to say tomorrow. Be sure to tune in tomorrow, you'll want to see this post when it's made; and make sure you upgrade GrSecurity right now.


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